Sample Event backend with microservice architecture built on MEAN stack.
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Event Backend

Project Event Backend documentation.

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Event Backend services implemented using the following technologies:

  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Baucis
  • Swagger

API REST published over /api on port 5000.

Swagger documentation for /api available on /api/documentation

Admin frontend created with AngularJS 1.3 + Bootstrap.

Default connection string for database


How to run it?

  1. Open a console window and set the root folder (where the package.json file is located).
  2. Install dependencies executing npm install
  3. Run the server executing node app\server.js
  4. Default credentials are: root / 1234

Test prerequirements and debugging tools

In order to launch debugging tools and quality code reports you must install the following prerequirements:

npm install -g nodemon phantomjs grunt-cli karma karma-cli jshint



npm test

Karma UI Test

Install Karma and dependencies:

npm install -g karma-chrome-launcher karma-coverage karma-firefox-launcher karma-jasmine karma-junit-reporter karma-phantomjs-launcher karma-teamcity-reporter@0.2.1 mocha-teamcity-cov-reporter jasmine-reporters karma@0.9.8 protractor 

And then run: npm test-ui-single-run

Check for JS code quality


  • JSHint: grunt jshint
  • ESLint: grunt eslint for console or an HTML report: grunt eslint-report