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  App Name: Hyakunin Isshu - Wasuramoti
  App Version: 1.1.9
  Developer: Haruhiro Yoshimoto <>
  Required OS: Android OS version >= 4.0
  Required CPU: ARM, x86
  Description: Hyakunin-Isshu audio player specialized for training Kyogi-Karuta (Competitive Karuta).
               `Hyakunin-Isshu' is a set of classic Japanese poetry, and `Kyogi-Karuta' is a Japanese sport which uses the set.

  Wasuramoti is an open source software, which is licensed under BSD 3-Clause License.
  You can download the source code from
  The license is written in COPYING file which is placed in the apk file. 

  However, note that the audio file enclosed in the *.apk package might have another license.
  Therefore, redistributing the *.apk file might have some limits.
  See credits for copyright.


  This software uses following libaries, audio datas, and fonts. I appreciate the provider of those wonderful materials. The copyright is as follows:
    %% Copyright (C) Irasutoya,
  <Audio Data>
    %% T-Font (C) Sakamura-Koshizuka Laboratory, The University of Tokyo,
    Wasuramoti's authorization number for using T-Font is 80004
  <Dancing Script>
    %% Copyright (c) 2010, Pablo Impallari (|,
    %% Copyright (c) 2010, Igino Marini. (|,
    %% with Reserved Font Name Dancing Script.
    The license is included in apk with file name of `DANCING-SCRIPT-OFL.txt`
  <Roboto Slab>
    The license is included in this apk with file name of `ROBOTO-SLAB-LICENSE.txt`
    %% Copyright (c) 2013 Matthew Miller
    The license is included in this apk with file name of `WANAKANAJAVA-LICENSE.txt`
  The following libraries and fonts are public domain but thanks anyway:
  <Kouzan Font>
    Kouzan Mouhitu Font,
  <Black Chancery>
    Black Chancery Font, (URL UNKNOWN)
  The english translation of Hyakunin Isshu is taken from a book written in 1917, which is currently public domain.
    Title: Hyakunin-isshu (Single songs of a hundred poets.)
    Author: Clay MacCauley
    Published: Kelly and Walsh, 1917


[Where to put .ogg file inside the application]
  Read how_to_add_reader_hml in src/main/res/values/strings.xml for name conventions for *.ogg files
  Place 202 ogg files in ./players/<reader>/ and license in ./players/<reader>-license

[Where to put .ttf file]
  Place .ttf files to ./src/main/assets/font/ , and license file to ./src/main/assets/license/

[How to build apk file]
    # general installment from package manager in linux
      OpenJDK 7 (or some other Java JDK )
      scala 2.11.8
      sbt 0.13.12 (A Scala-Based Simple Build Tool)
    # written in project/plugins.sbt and downloaded from github
      android-sdk-plugin 1.7.6 (
    # downloaded from official Android SDK/NDK site and Android SDK manager
      Android SDK v24 (
      Android NDK v12 (
      Android Support Library & Android Support Repository v24.1.1 (Extras in Android SDK manager)
  Where to place keystore:
    copy `` to `` and edit it
  How to build:
    1. set environment variable ANDROID_HOME,ANDROID_NDK_HOME to path where you installed Android SDK/NDK.
    2. execute $ ./scripts/ <reader>
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