A pomodoro timer/tracker that works with org-mode.
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Eldoro: A pomodoro timer/tracker that works with org-mode.

A major mode for showing pomodoro timers.

Eldoro works with tasks defined in an org-mode buffer. When you start Eldoro from within an org-mode buffer it will gather all of headings which are children of the heading that point is currently on. You can then start and stop pomodoro and break timers from within the Eldoro buffer.

Getting Started

First, create an org-mode outline that looks something like this:

* Tasks I Want To Do
** Write angry letter to Congress
** Find a bug in OpenSSL
** Upload compromising photos to FB

Now, move point to the first-level heading and start Eldoro with the eldoro interactive function. Move point to a task you want to work on and press RET.

To switch to a break, just press RET again. If someone interrupts you, press i.



By default, Eldoro writes some basic statistics into org-mode properties. If you want to compare the number of pomodori from day to day make sure you create new headings in the org-mode buffer every day. Eldoro does not currently record timestamps with its statistics. It would be nice if there was a better Org API for logging Eldoro statistics into a drawer.

This mode runs the hook eldoro-mode-hook, as the final step during initialization.

key binding

TAB eldoro-jump-to-heading RET eldoro-next-action b bury-buffer g eldoro-update h eldoro-toggle-help i eldoro-interruption q eldoro-quit r eldoro-reset-statistics s eldoro-stop-clock