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xmonad Configuration

This repository contains my xmonad [] configuration. I thought I'd share it with the rest of the world because I'm doing a few interesting things:

  1. I use either stack or Cabal to build xmonad and compile my configuration into an executable (xmonadrc). This allows me to easily use my custom xmonad and xmonad-contrib sources (in vendor).

    Thanks to changes in xmonad version 0.13, It's really easy for me to use my xmonadrc executable in my ~/.xinitrc instead of starting xmonad directly.

    Note: I actually compile everything using [my custom nixpkgs script] xmonadrc.nix. This brings in all the dependencies needed to build everything in this repo.

  2. The checkrc executable that is built with stack and boots a mini xmonad environment in order to test my configuration before restarting. Right now it's only testing the key bindings.

  3. The majority of my key bindings are underneath a prefix key: C-z. Being a long time user of tools like GNU screen, tmux, and Emacs, I've become very accustomed to prefix keys. I quite like them.

Source Code Organization

  • xmonadrc.hs: This is where the main function lives.

  • src/XMonad/Local/Action.hs: Event handling. I have an interesting function in there called focusFollowsTiledOnly that enables focus-follows-mouse in the tiled layer but not in the floating layer. I found that:

    focus-follows-mouse + update-pointer + floating-windows = weird-stuff
  • src/XMonad/Local/Keys.hs: All of my key bindings, grouped by functionality.

  • src/XMonad/Local/Layout.hs: Layout rules.

  • src/XMonad/Local/Log.hs: Log hook,

  • src/XMonad/Local/Music.hs: Functions to switch radio stations and select albums to play in MPD.

  • src/XMonad/Local/Prompt.hs: XPrompt configuration.

  • src/XMonad/Local/Workspaces.hs: The names of my workspaces plus project configuration for XMonad.Actions.DynamicProjects.