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BioRuby and distributed development

With the distributed development of biogems, as listed on, the BioRuby community is one of the most active Open Bioinformatics Foundation communities in terms of number of projects, git commits and library downloads.

In this talk we will quantify and visualize what it means to allow contributing independent small modules and tools to the bioinformatics community. Not only has the decision to distribute development led to a larger group of regular contributors, which puts less strain on the core maintainers, but it also led to a number of useful command line tools that have been introduced, such as bioruby-table, bioruby-samtools, bioruby-ngs and bioruby-vcf. The code generators that we use fast-track biogem development and drive the rapid creation of new software modules with support for command line interfaces, unit testing, and the Travis continuous integration service.

In addition we will discuss how the BioRuby community is making great strides in leveraging web technologies for biomedical data analysis using web services and linked data. This opens heterogeneous data silos and facilitates easier data integration in bioinformatic analysis pipelines.

We aim to track other Bio* projects in and expand it to become a comprehensive resource for the Open Bioinformatics Foundation. The BOSC meeting will allow us to fine tune such ideas and gather feedback from the bioinformatics community.