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= BIOLIB Tree Layout =
== clib C/C++ modules ==
Biolib uses SWIG to generate interfaces to the scripting languages.
This can be to external libraries, or to modified or unique libraries
built from
For example the affyio library in ./src/clibs/affyio
generates a library named
Included modules can be copied into the tree, or the git submodule
feature can be used to add a 'live' tree from another git repository
- like is done with ./src/clibs/rqtl.
== Language Mappings ==
Language specific stuff is put in separate dynamically linked
libraries for each language in
so, Ruby lives in ./src/mappings/swig/ruby - and building the
interface requires both SWIG and the Ruby development libraries and
SWIG .i files, shared by all languages, go into ./src/mappings/
=== Test files ===
Each mapping comes with tests which are under
./src/mappings/swig/language/test. Modules invoke these tests
== 'Extra' developments ==
Projects that provide functionality specific to a language go into
./src/extra/language/. This are acts as a portal for functionality
that may move into another project later. A typical example is a nice
Ruby/Perl or Python OOP wrapper for one of the libraries.
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