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Some notes on CVS

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@@ -3,17 +3,30 @@ used (almost) unmodified by biolib, and which gracefully accept
patches sent upstream. This to allow some stability and, sometimes,
easier deployment.
-When code is forked it moves to ~/src/clibs.
+When code is forked, and contains many changes, it moves to
-For EMBOSS we import the CVS into git with (on Debian you need
+For EMBOSS we import/update the CVS into git with (on Debian you need
cd ~/gitcvs
cvs login # pwd cvs
git cvsimport -v -d $CVSROOT -C EMBOSS emboss/emboss
-Do not change the code in this tree - it is a copy.
+or if you have a special branch (which you should have on update, to
+make sure everything works):
+ git cvsimport -o branch -v -d $CVSROOT -C EMBOSS emboss/emboss
+After updating from CVS avoid changing the code a ./contrib tree - it
+is a copy.
Note: this is up for reconsideration. Could well be we end up using
-tarballs, as EMBOSS faithfully keeps all versions.
+tarballs, as EMBOSS faithfully keeps all versions online.
+For Bio++ a similar checkout is done:
+ export ; cvs login ; git cvsimport -v -d $CVSROOT -C numcalc numcalc

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