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Deployment system for servers and home directories. In conjuction with GNU Guix and (perhaps) the common workflow langauge (CWL) essentially a replacement for Puppet, Chef, Cfengine, Cfruby, GNU stow, etc. See the doc/design.org document for more.

Historic note: at the time of Cfruby I decided that Cfruby was to be one of my last `large' software projects. How these things come to haunt you! Cfruby is showing its age and now Deploy is bound to be a large project, again.

More information can be found in the design document.

Early days for deploy, YMMV.

Pjotr Prins (c) 2015

Implementation (JIT)

Deploy is developed in JIT fashion. First steps are:

  1. Get machine status (hostname, username, homedir) (done)
  2. Read command file (done)
  3. Implement mkdir (done)
  4. Implement (recursive) file copy (done)
  5. Implement intermediate data 'bag' format (done)
  6. Implement (simple) file edit (done)
  7. Expand recursive file copy and file permissions (in progress)

Sorry, initially, no transactions, parallelization, fancy error reporting etc. But it will come! I have to start somewhere. Call it agility ;). At this stage I have started using deploy for machine management. Cfruby is being phased out.


This software is published under the MIT license.