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Important: LEPRA is under development. Your testing and commenting is critical
-to proceeding. Please test LEPRA by modifying records. Note that changes to
+to development. Please test LEPRA by modifying records. Note that changes to
the database will be discarded later.
For your consideration:
-* The screens are barren and simply laid out. This can be improved on over time
+* The screens are still barren. This can be improved on over time
* The main thing to test is the database 'model'. I.e. how the data is organised
* We need to complete patient treatment card - pending your decision on what to do with old Lepra112 fields
* A lot of fields have new naming - please check whether it can be improved
* LEPRA will be used outside Bangladesh. Therefore we should be as generic in our approach as possiple
-* Please answer the questions I sent in the E-mail of Feb 13th
-* Should the current Assessment/Physical examination record be split further?
-* Should MDT treatment be in contact/medical?
-## Comments
- hag - should be lag, short for lagophthalmos
- facila (reaction form) - should be facial
- planter (assessment form) should be plantar
- prednisolon should be prednisolone
- Avoid the true/false
- Eye closure gap should have units ie. mm
- Do not use 'common' or 'posterior'. These are abbreviations for 'common
- peroneal nerve' and 'posterior tibial nerve'. Better, 'C peroneal nerve'
- or 'Post tibial nerve' or even CP nerve and PT nerve
-## Next
-We need to add
-* Symbol table support (symbols are fields with limited values, such as a choice of Child, Mother, Father)
-* Add more automated tests for main pages
-* Use the address book, including
-* load village names etc from mdb table, e.g.
- mdb-export -I commondata.mdb tblUpazila
- [link](
-* hands & feet figure for entering data
+* Current issues are listed [here](

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