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The website of one humongous corpus.
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OSCAR Website

This is the home of the OSCAR website!

We're trying to translate our website to every language possible so that we can make our corpus accesible to more people. If you want to contribute please open a pull request.

OSCAR's website was built using Hugo and the beautiful Academic Theme.

OSCAR itself was put together by Pedro J. Ortiz, Benoît Sagot and Laurent Romary.

Our beautiful mascot was designed by the talented Alix Chagué.

Opening a Pull Request

If you want to help us translate our website and you have experience with Hugo just fork our repo, create a folder for the target language within the content directory and make a pull request. For more information see the Hugo documentation here

If you don't have any experience with Hugo you can still help by opening an issue and pasting the translation of the text you see on the website there.

We will try to translate the big table in the download section automatically, but for the moment we do not have a solution for every language, so if you can, please translate some of the language names in the table.

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