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Hello all,

I am pleased to release this new djbdns version 1.06. Djbdns is a fully-fledged Domain Name System(DNS), originally written by the eminent author of qmail, Dr. D J Bernstein. This new release is a complete makeover to the original source(djbdns-1.05) and is meant to make life a lot more pleasant. The original source is in public-domain since late Dec 2007.

Please see:

Nevertheless, this new release is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence for good. See ChangeLog for more details.


To install djbdns, say:

sh>$ ./configure [ --prefix=/usr/local ]
sh>$ make
sh># make install

Once installed, on Linux machines add dnscache' to the system services by following steps. Note that, if you chose a different install prefix with --prefix', use that instead of the default - /usr/local.

sh># mv /usr/local/bin/dnscached /etc/init.d/dnscached
sh># chkconfig --add dnscached
sh># chkconfig --list dnscached

Now you can start the service by

sh># service dnscached start


sh># dnscache -D

Consult the dnscache(8) manual page for more help.


If you encounter any problems while installing New-DJBDNS OR find bugs in its working, please send an email to describing in detail about the problem/bug.

Thank you!