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\" dnstrace.1: This is a manuscript of the manual page for `dnstrace'. This
\" file is part of the `new djbdns' project.
\" No hyphenation
.hy 0
.nr HY 0
.TH dnstrace 1
dnstrace - a kind of traceroute(8) for DNS records
\fBdnstrace\fR [OPTIONS] <TYPE> <DOMAIN-NAME> <ROOT-IP> [<ROOT-IP> ...]
\fBdnstrace\fR is a useful debugging tool to search for all DNS servers that
can affect the resolution of records of given <TYPE> under the give
<DOMAIN-NAME> starting from the root name server <ROOT-IP>. \fBdnstrace\fR
uses the standard DNS resolution algorithm but follows all possible paths in
the algorithm. It prints all responses it receives from the DNS servers. It
also prints warnings about slow servers, dead servers, misdelegated servers
and misformatted packets.
$ dnstrace A | dnstrcesort
One can use the \fBdnstracesort\fR in conjunction with the \fBdnstrace\fR. It
produces more human friendly sorted output.
.B \-h \-\-help
print this help
.B \-v \-\-version
print version information
Report bugs to <>
.SH Manual Author
Prasad J Pandit
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