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#ifndef SOCKET_H
#define SOCKET_H
#include "uint16.h"
extern int socket_tcp(void);
extern int socket_udp(void);
extern int socket_connect4(int,const char *,uint16);
extern int socket_connected(int);
extern int socket_bind4(int,char *,uint16);
extern int socket_bind4_reuse(int,char *,uint16);
extern int socket_listen(int,int);
extern int socket_accept4(int,char *,uint16 *);
extern int socket_recv4(int,char *,int,char *,uint16 *);
extern int socket_send4(int,const char *,int,const char *,uint16);
extern int socket_local4(int,char *,uint16 *);
extern int socket_remote4(int,char *,uint16 *);
extern void socket_tryreservein(int,int);
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