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Find file Copy path
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# Stupid python path shit.
# Instead just add to somewhere in your python path
# OK actually that might not be a great idea, idk, work in progress
# Use at your own risk. or don't, i don't care
from scipy.misc import imread
import cv2
def array_to_image(arr):
arr = arr.transpose(2,0,1)
c = arr.shape[0]
h = arr.shape[1]
w = arr.shape[2]
arr = (arr/255.0).flatten()
data = dn.c_array(dn.c_float, arr)
im = dn.IMAGE(w,h,c,data)
return im
def detect2(net, meta, image, thresh=.5, hier_thresh=.5, nms=.45):
boxes = dn.make_boxes(net)
probs = dn.make_probs(net)
num = dn.num_boxes(net)
dn.network_detect(net, image, thresh, hier_thresh, nms, boxes, probs)
res = []
for j in range(num):
for i in range(meta.classes):
if probs[j][i] > 0:
res.append((meta.names[i], probs[j][i], (boxes[j].x, boxes[j].y, boxes[j].w, boxes[j].h)))
res = sorted(res, key=lambda x: -x[1])
dn.free_ptrs(dn.cast(probs, dn.POINTER(dn.c_void_p)), num)
return res
import sys, os
import darknet as dn
# Darknet
net = dn.load_net("cfg/tiny-yolo.cfg", "tiny-yolo.weights", 0)
meta = dn.load_meta("cfg/")
r = dn.detect(net, meta, "data/dog.jpg")
print r
# scipy
arr= imread('data/dog.jpg')
im = array_to_image(arr)
r = detect2(net, meta, im)
print r
# OpenCV
arr = cv2.imread('data/dog.jpg')
im = array_to_image(arr)
r = detect2(net, meta, im)
print r
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