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Chi Safe Path

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Web app started at Chi Hack Night allowing people to submit 311 requests about sidewalk accessibility hazards to the City of Chicago 311 API, and get directions that avoid reported issues.

Live site here: Chi Safe Path

Local Setup

To run locally, you'll need Git, Ruby, Rails, and Postgres installed.

If you don't have Postgres installed, is an easy way to install on Mac, and Windows has some graphical installers here Postgres Windows installers.

Once you have Postgres installed, run the following in the command prompt to create a Postgres user chisafepath with the ability to create databases:

psql -c "CREATE USER chisafepath WITH CREATEDB;" -U postgres

The application also uses AWS S3 for storage of uploaded images, and credentials for this are required as environment variables. These credentials need to be supplied, even if they're fake, so OSX users can run source to export these.

After you've completed initial setup, run the following into the command prompt to clone the repository, create the database, and seed it with some initial data (the last command might take a bit):

git clone
cd chisafepath
bundle install
rake db:create
rake db:schema:load
rake db:seed

If this completes without error messages, you should be able to run the application locally with rails s, and it will be located at http://localhost:3000


The routing server is a modified version of OpenTripPlanner, and can be generated by creating and running the Dockerfile in Dockerfile-otp. A more detailed description of how to run this from the Dockerfile it's based on is located at this repo: docker-otp-chicago

Front end for the routing is based on a fork of bliksemlabs routing interface


All issues are submitted to and pulled from Chicago's Open 311 API. If you'd like to request your own API key, or see more detailed documentation, you can find it here: Open311 API Documentation.


If you'd like to contribute any changes, fork the repository, make any changes in a separate branch, and open up a pull request against the master branch.


All data regarding sidewalk issues is submitted to, and gathered from, Chicago's Open 311 API.


Web app to submit sidewalk accessibility issues to Chicago 311




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