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How to Branch

Creating a Local Branch for a Desired Feature

Create and checkout a branch:

$ git branch [BRANCH-NAME]
$ git checkout [BRANCH-NAME]

To see local branches, run:

$ git branch

Make changes via commits on your local branch:

$ git commit -m '[COMMIT-MESSAGE]'

Pushing a Branch to the Remote Repo

To push your local branch to remote, run:

$ git push -u origin [BRANCH-NAME]

To then see all branches, including remote branches, run:

$ git branch -a

Merging a Branch

In most cases, make a pull request via GitHub.

Otherwise, if changes are small and/or do not affect code functionality (e.g. documentation updates), read the following.

First, switch back to the master branch and pull any changes:

$ git checkout master
$ git pull origin master

Merge your branch:

$ git merge [BRANCH-NAME]

Verify which branches that have been merged so far:

$ git branch --merged

Finally, push your changes:

$ git push origin master

Deleting a Branch

Delete the branch locally:

$ git branch -d [BRANCH-NAME]

Then, delete the branch from remote:

$ git push origin --delete [BRANCH-NAME]
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