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Conjecture Mode

This source repository includes conjecture-mode.el, which provides support for running Clojure tests (using the conjecture.core framework) via nrepl.el and seeing feedback in the test buffer about which tests failed or errored. The installation instructions above should work for conjecture-mode as well.

Once you have a repl session active, you can run the tests in the current buffer with C-c C-,. Failing tests and errors will be highlighted using overlays. To clear the overlays, use C-c k.

You can jump between implementation and test files with C-c C-t if your project is laid out in a way that conjecture-mode expects. Your project root should have a src/ directory containing files that correspond to their namespace. It should also have a test/ directory containing files that correspond to their namespace, and the test namespaces should mirror the implementation namespaces with the addition of "-test" as the suffix to the last segment of the namespace.

So my.project.frob would be found in src/my/project/frob.clj and its tests would be in test/my/project/frob_test.clj in the my.project.frob-test namespace.

This test-to-source mapping can also be configured using the conjecture-jump-to-implementation-fn.


Copyright © 2013 Paul Stadig.

Forked from clojure-test-mode.

Copyright © 2007-2013 Jeffrey Chu, Lennart Staflin, Phil Hagelberg, and contributors.

Distributed under the GNU General Public License; type C-h C-c to view it.