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Conjecture is compatible with any ~clojure.test~ based tests you may have.
You simply swap ~name.stadig.conjecture~ in for ~clojure.test~.
- You can add the ~lein-conjecture~ plugin to your project.clj, if that's your
+ You can add the lein-conjecture plugin to your project.clj, if that's your
: :plugins [[name.stadig/lein-conjecture "0.1.0"]]
@@ -34,6 +34,8 @@
- Any tools that depend directly on ~clojure.test~ will not be compatible,
since the namespace is different for conjecture (for example,
+** Differences from clojure.test
+ - Support for idempotent and singleton fixtures.
** License
: Copyright © Rich Hickey and Paul Stadig. All rights reserved.

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