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Updates the docstring for soft-cache-factory.

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1 parent 8e03bcd commit 1f1aa4764c055a1de35b44ba582b12b1c5598fdd @pjstadig committed Jun 16, 2012
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@@ -590,7 +590,10 @@
(defn soft-cache-factory
"Returns a SoftReference cache. Cached values will be referred to with
SoftReferences, allowing the values to be garbage collected when there is
- memory pressure on the JVM."
+ memory pressure on the JVM.
+ SoftCache is a mutable cache, since it is always based on a
+ ConcurrentHashMap."
{:pre [(map? base)]}
(seed (SoftCache. (ConcurrentHashMap.) (ConcurrentHashMap.) (ReferenceQueue.))

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