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DBMail THANKS file
DBMail has originally been written by Eelco van Beek, Roel Rozendaal
and Ilja Booij. Development since 2.0 is led by Paul J Stevens and
Aaron Stone.
Special thanks to for providing resources so dbmail runs
on Solaris, and to for providing the original
sqlite driver.
Many people further contributed to DBMail by reporting problems,
suggesting various improvements and submitting code patches.
Aaron Stone aaron at serendipity dot cx
Alex Wheeler awheeler at royall dot com
Chingson Chen chingson at msquaretech dot com
Christian G Warden xndbmail at xerus dot org
Christian Haugg haugg at gmx dot de
Dan Weber dan at mirrorlynx dot com
Ed K. ed at hp dot uab dot edu
Feargal Reilly feargal at chrysalis dot net
Gary Murphy gmurphy at sf dot net
Geo Carncross geocar at internetconnection dot net
Hans Kristian Rosbach hk at isphuset dot no
Harald Reindl h.reindl at thelounge dot net
Javier Carlos javier at nediam dot com dot mx
Jesse Norrel jesse at kci dot net
Jonathan Feally vulture at netvulture dot com
Leif Jackson ljackson at jjcons dot com
Lars Kneschke l.kneschke at metaways dot net
Lou Picciano loupicciano at comcast dot net
Kaname kaname at
Matthew Sayler sayler at
Paul F De La Cruz polito at blackbeanie dot net
Paul J Stevens paul at nfg dot nl
Ryan Butler rbutler at adiis dot net
Ryo HAYAKAWA ryo at
Steven Kroon steven at stevenkroon dot com
Thomas Mueller dbmail at tmueller dot com
Timo Sirainen tss at iki dot fi
Surely there are errors or forgotten people, but we appreciate you
nonetheless! If you'd like to be added to the list, just let us know.