Fast and scalable email services
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(c) 2004-2014 NFG Net Facilities Group BV, The Netherlands,

(c) 2000-2005 IC&S, The Netherlands

What is it?

DBMail is a collection of programs that enables email to be stored in and retrieved from a database.

Read the INSTALL file for installation of DBMail.

Why is it useful?

  • it enables you to create mailboxes without the need of systemusers.

  • mail is more effeciently stored and therefore it can be inserted an retrieved much faster dan any regular system (DBMail is currently able to retrieve aprox. 250 mail messages per second)

  • It's scalable. You can run the dbmail programs on different servers talking to the same database(cluster).

  • It is more secure. There's no need to maintain system users or write to the filesystem. All this is done through the database.

Who created it?

Eelco van Beek at first created a very sloppy version of this program which didn't work at all.

Because the DBMail mailing system is big he needed help. So he asked Roel, one of the people working with him at IC&S, to join in developing DBMail further.

In 2003 Ilja Booij joined IC&S to work on the 2.x version. During that time, Paul Stevens at NFG also joined the development team, initially to provide debian packaging, later to take over development of the 2.1 release. Aaron Stone also deserves special thanks for initiating the LDAP driver, maintaining the delivery chain and of course sieve support.

DBMail is now a community effort to create a fast, effecient and scalable database driven mailingsystem. Both IC&S and NFG are fully behind opensource and the GPL. Therefore DBMail has the GPL licence.

Both IC&S and NFG provide commercial support and consultancy for this product. For more information about this you can send an email to and/or

Disclaimer: IC&S nor NFG are responsible for any damages resulting from use of this software.

It should work with almost no problem. We have clients that run dbmail with more than 25.000 useraccounts. The system is stable.

How do i install it?

Check the different README files and the wiki pages on for detailed information and howtos.


Check the website for further DBMail plans.

What kind of licence is DBMail?

DBMail uses the GPL version 2 licence.

It's included in the COPYING file.