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Kwetter microblogging buildout

This is an installer for the kwetter.core scalable microblogging engine.

You can use this "kwetter" buildout as a microblogging backend.

A subset of the backend functionality is available through a Plone integrated frontend, see collective.kwetter

Installing kwetter

This documentation and accompanying scripts are based on an Ubuntu Lucid baseline. You may have to adapt the required pre-dependencies if you're installing on a different platform. See the "pre-depends" target in the Makefile.

The following steps create a working kwetter installation:

  1. checkout kwetter
git clone ssh://
  1. add to your apt sources:

    libzdb is not yet available on debian/ubuntu. Packages can be gotten by adding your sources.list

sudo echo "deb unstable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
  1. run the installer script:

    cd kwetter
  2. run the kwetter daemons:

  3. verify daemon status:

    bin/supervisorctl status

This should show an output like:

| kwetter-m2                       RUNNING    pid 5194, uptime 0:12:21
| kwetterd                         RUNNING    pid 5195, uptime 0:12:21
| mongrel2                         RUNNING    pid 5193, uptime 0:12:21

You now have a working system.

To shut down the system:

bin/supervisorctl shutdown

Using kwetter

The JSON API is documented in the file JSONAPI.rst.

See also the module doctests in kwetter.core for additional reference.