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Added a getto task to perform export from mephisto... this needs to b…

…e moved into the jekyl binary
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1 parent f36263d commit 08bf7b18392826f54a5db4c551a9f3e6458d3de7 Chris Van Pelt committed Nov 23, 2008
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@@ -13,3 +13,10 @@ desc "Open an irb session preloaded with this library"
task :console do
sh "irb -rubygems -r ./lib/jekyll.rb"
+namespace :convert do
+ desc "Migrate from mephisto in the current directory"
+ task :mephisto do
+ sh %q(ruby -r './lib/jekyll/converters/mephisto' -e 'Jekyll::Mephisto.postgres(:database => "#{ENV["DB"]}")')
+ end

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