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Ruby MMO

Ruby MMO is a programming challenge in which players compete to gain the highest level in an MMO simulation.

How to play

Fork this repo and commit a module inside the /players directory. The module is then used to extend a player object with a couple of methods:

  1. The move method returns an array with two elements: the method to be called (can be one of :attack or :rest), and the method arguments. In the case of :attack the argument should be an instance of an opponent Player (see below for how to get this). In the case of :rest no argument is required. See the examples in the /players directory.

  2. to_s (optional) returns the name of the player.


The player modules have access to the hash. This hash contains all the players and monsters in the world and their current stats. For example, to get the stats of a random player you could do:

player_count =[:players].count
opponent =[:players].select{|p|p != self}[rand(player_count - 1)]

The select is to ensure the player is not fighting itself.

There is also a method alive that returns false if the player is dead.


  1. No cheating by overriding classes, methods, or instance variables.
  2. Cheating players will be moved to the cheaters/ directory.

Running the simulation

./engine.rb -r 100 where -r sets the number of rounds (default is 10).


The player with the highest level and experience wins.


The game can be run 1000 times using ./multi_run.rb

Latest results:

strax won 295 times
South Pole Steve won 247 times
Stealthy Guy won 199 times
Michael won 124 times
Izidor won 50 times
Valentin won 33 times
Jurek won 31 times
Raiko won 10 times
Chuck Norris won 5 times
Eric the Kill Steal won 5 times
Kabutomushi won 1 times

Results from April 11, 2012:

Eric the Kill Steal won 272 times
strax won 247 times
A Tabby Cat won 226 times
Ian Terrell won 185 times
Valentin won 39 times
Izidor won 21 times
*No rest for the wicked* won 10 times

Honorable Mention

Jurek wins most of the time in rounds of 1,000.