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Pjuu is under very active development at this early stage in its life. A lot
may change between versions until we are happy with it :)

A small Android WebView application for Pjuu.

This is an open source project released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more details or visit


This is a very simple Android application which embeds a WebView. It simply shows the Pjuu website.

In the future this will be expanded to show notifications that you have new alerts on the site.

This was build with the excellent Android Studio. This is the same repository that the Android app itself is built from.


We are open to all pull requests. Please not that we are not Android developers, this is as simple an app as it could possibly be. If you would like to help us make tweaks please do, it would be really appreciated.


All software has bugs in, Pjuu is no different. These may have security implications. If you find one that you suspect could allow you to do something you shouldn't be able to please do not post it as an issue on Github. We would really appreciate it if you could send an e-mail to with the relevant details.

Naming inconsistencies

This app and it's repository is called Droidotter however the packages on the play store, f-droid and within the source code refer to it as otterdroid. This is due to a disk corruption and a failure to back up our application key used to sign new releases. The apps name was forced to be changed.