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Open in sublime is a little finder toolbar app that will open the current folder (or finder selection) in the sidebar of Sublime Text 2.


First download the zip file and unzip it and put the app where you like. Then just drag and drop it into an open Finder window's toolbar:


Now you can click the Sublime button in any open Finder (or Path Finder) window and that folder will open up in Sublime's sidebar.

You can change the behavior of the app by changing its name. If you name it "open folder in sublime" then when you click it, regardless of whether there is anything selected in the frontmost finder window, it will open the directory of the finder window in the sidebar of ST2. If you name the app anything else, and if there is a selection of one or multiple files / folders in the finder window, then only the selected items will be placed into the ST2 sidebar.

Any problems, please use the issue tracker here at github.