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import aspen.utils # this happens to install the 'repr' error strategy
from aspen.testing import assert_raises, attach_teardown
from aspen.utils import ascii_dammit, unicode_dammit, to_age, utcnow
GARBAGE = "\xef\xf9"
def test_garbage_is_garbage():
assert_raises(UnicodeDecodeError, lambda s: s.decode('utf8'), GARBAGE)
def test_repr_error_strategy_works():
errors = 'repr'
actual = "\xef\xf9".decode('utf8', errors)
assert actual == r"\xef\xf9", actual
def test_unicode_dammit_works():
actual = unicode_dammit("foo\xef\xfar")
assert actual == r"foo\xef\xfar", actual
def test_unicode_dammit_decodes_utf8():
actual = unicode_dammit("comet: \xe2\x98\x84")
assert actual == u"comet: \u2604", actual
def test_unicode_dammit_takes_encoding():
actual = unicode_dammit("comet: \xe2\x98\x84", encoding="ASCII")
assert actual == r"comet: \xe2\x98\x84", actual
def test_ascii_dammit_works():
actual = ascii_dammit("comet: \xe2\x98\x84")
assert actual == r"comet: \xe2\x98\x84", actual
def test_to_age_barely_works():
actual = to_age(utcnow())
assert actual == "just a moment ago", actual
def test_to_age_formatting_works():
actual = to_age(utcnow(), fmt_past="Cheese, for %(age)s!")
assert actual == "Cheese, for just a moment!", actual
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