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play-jaxrs is providing an alternative router for play 2.1.2 (and above) java apps by implementing (a subset of) the JAX-RS specification on top of play.


use this router instead of the built-in one if you are interested in a native java solution that also significantly improves build times. The price you will need to pay for this is lack of reverse routing and compile time routing checks.

play-jaxrs tradeoffs

  • using reflection for action dispatching instead of matching generated route rules

  • since there are no router files to compile and sbt can not invalidate big parts of the object graph, compile times are significantly better than using the standard solution

  • only supports java projects for two reasons:

    • annotations are primary used in java
    • scala users already have a very scala-centric routing solution
  • route definitions are provided inline. Some people prefer this over an external DSL, especially in a backend service-only context

  • reflection based dispatching means no reverse routing or compile time checks for route matching

  • since there is no route file, assets controller is configured via the config file

what's supported?


  • @ApplicationPath on your Global class can define a context (think servlet context)

  • @Path works both on classes and methods

  • URI parts can be captured (i.e. /user/id/{id})

  • the captured field can only be a String i.e.

    public static Result id(@PathParam("id") String id) {
  • @QueryParam captured as com.google.common.base.Optional i.e.
public static Result id(@PathParam("id") String id, @QueryParam("foo") Optional<String> foo) {
    return ok("id=" + id + " query=" + foo.or("booo"));
  • @Provides
  • @Consumes

plus all the standard play features should be working (i.e. action composition, dependency injection, assets serving etc.).


How to install

you can install play-jaxrs in three easy steps:

  1. delete conf/routes

  2. in project/Build.scala add

"org.pk11" %% "jax-rs" % "0.6"

to your project/Build.scala file's app dependencies section.

  1. also

resolvers += "pk11" at "http://pk11-scratch.googlecode.com/svn/trunk"

should be part of your settings

  1. edit conf/play.plugins 1500:org.pk11.jaxrs.RouterPlugin

  2. finally, set it up in your Global class:

   public play.api.mvc.Handler onRouteRequest(RequestHeader request) {
     return Play.application().plugin(org.pk11.jaxrs.RouterPlugin.class).handlerFor(this, request);

and that's it.

How to hack

after cloning and cd-ing into the main directory

run the spec

$ play test


$ play -Djaxrs=only publish-local


Published under The MIT License, see LICENSE