fork of Bruce Chapman's rapt library which uses annotation processors to generate SAM types and multilines strings for Java 5.0 and above
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Fork of Bruce Chapman's fantastic rapt library which is using annotation processors to provide language features for Java 5.0 and above

language features provided

* SAM generation
* Multiline Strings
* Pair and Tandem


The jar attached to the 'No Closure' article was throwing an exception under eclipse 3.5, on top of that rapt has multiple versions providing different features while using different APIs, all stored in various places (some of the code was in svn, some in cvs etc.).  So I ended up retrofitting features back to the original version and the result is this library.

what works

* generate SAM type for methods marked with
* allow passing parameters by marking parameters with
* generate multi-line strings with 
* provide, and

please see the javadoc for more information

jar plus javadoc

add rapt.jar to your classpath and configure out as an annotation processor (in eclipse project->java compiler->annotation processor->factory)

ant dist