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Proof of Work Faucet for EVM chains


Faucets for ETH Testnets are spammed by bots. This faucet tries to reduce the efficiency of these automated requests by requiring some mining work to be done in exchange for ETH.

For clarification: This faucet does NOT generate new coins with the "mining" process. It's just a protection method to prevent anyone from requesting big amount of funds and draining the faucet wallet. If you want to run your own instance you need to transfer the mineable funds to the faucet wallet yourself!

For a more detailed description, take a look into the Project Wiki


Goerli Testnet:

Sepolia Testnet:

Ephemery Testnet:

Run Yourself

Read the Faucet Operator Wiki to see the installation and configuration instructions.

Bugs & Features

Please feel free to report bugs and add new features via PRs if you like.

Thanks To

This faucet contains parts of code from the following projects:

pow-captcha - faucet-wasm build script

FaucETH - faucet page design