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Welcome to Our Testnet Faucet

Hello and thank you for visiting our Ethereum testnet faucet! This tool is designed to help developers like you get the test funds you need for free. These funds are for testing your projects on blockchain networks, where you can experiment and develop without worrying about costs.

What is a Testnet Faucet?

A testnet faucet is like a tap that drips free "test money" or tokens on blockchain networks designed for developers. You can use these tokens to try out your blockchain applications in a safe environment that mimics the real Ethereum network, but without any real-world value.

Why Do We Need a Faucet?

Many developers need these tokens to test their projects, but sometimes, people use bots to collect all these free tokens, leaving nothing for others. We created this faucet to solve that problem, ensuring everyone can get a fair amount of tokens when they need them.

How Our Faucet Protects Itself and You

To keep our faucet working well and fairly, we've implemented several protection methods. Here are the ways we ensure the distribution is secure and equitable:

  • Mining: In public versions, your computer may need to solve cryptographic puzzles to earn tokens. This stops bots because it requires real computing effort.
  • IP-Limitations: We limit how many tokens can be requested from a single internet address to prevent one person from taking too much.
  • Wallet Balance Limitations/Requirements: Sometimes, we require that your wallet already contains some tokens. This shows you're genuinely using the blockchain.
  • Gitcoin Passport Score: Having a higher score might get you more tokens or quicker access.
  • Login with GitHub: Logging in with your GitHub account helps verify your identity.
  • Zupass Ticket Authentication: A secure method to ensure you're a legitimate user.

The Testnets We Support

Our service currently offers tokens for these testnets:

  • Holesky
  • Sepolia
  • Ephemery

Each one provides different opportunities and environments for testing your projects.

How to Use Our Faucet

Using our faucet is straightforward:

  1. Enter your wallet address on our page.
  2. If mining is necessary, the mining process will start automatically after you submit your address. You can stop mining at any time once you reach the minimum amount that can be withdrawn.

Why It’s Great to Use Our Faucet

Our faucet gives you a reliable and safe way to get the test tokens you need. It helps keep the playing field level for all developers, whether you're a beginner or an expert. Plus, it's a fantastic resource for trying new things without any cost.

What You Should Know

  • No GPU Mining: Our system doesn’t allow powerful computer graphics cards to mine tokens because it would be unfair to those who don’t have them.
  • No Selling Testnet Funds: These tokens are free and should not be sold. They're for testing only, and selling them goes against the spirit of the testnet.

Looking Ahead

We’re always working to make our faucet better and more helpful for developers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we aim to support the community and improve our services.

The Risks of Valuing Testnet Funds

Placing a market value on testnet funds can lead to several negative outcomes that are detrimental to the development and testing environments these funds are intended to support:

  • Speculation Over Utility: When testnet funds are given a price, they are often hoarded for potential financial gain rather than used for their intended purpose of testing and development. This shifts the focus from innovation to investment.
  • Locking Funds in Bridges and Trading Pools: Assigning value to these funds leads to them being locked in trading mechanisms like bridges and pools. This removes a significant amount of tokens from active circulation, which are then unavailable for testing.
  • Increased Hacking Attempts: Valuable testnet tokens become targets for hackers, jeopardizing the security of test projects and increasing the risk for all users involved.
  • Tax Implications: In many jurisdictions, transferring or using valued testnet funds could be considered a taxable event, complicating the development process with unnecessary legal and financial concerns.

Our Commitment

At our faucet, we are committed to the principle of free and open distribution of testnet funds. We strongly discourage the trading or farming of these tokens for the following reasons:

  • There's absolutely no reason to treat testnet funds as commodities. Their sole purpose is to aid in development and testing.
  • Trading or speculating with testnet funds goes against the spirit of collaborative development and open-source testing environments.
  • We have observed the consequences of this firsthand with the Goerli testnet. Despite the large amount of GoETH locked in speculation and trading pools, the availability of these funds for actual testing did not improve. Over the lifetime of our faucet, while over 10 million GoETH were locked away, only about 1 million GoETH were distributed for development purposes.

We will continue to distribute testnet funds freely and without cost, ensuring they remain a tool for development rather than a means for financial gain. We will never sell testnet funds for money, engage in trading them, or use them for any kind of speculation.

Ready to Start Testing?

Join our community of developers using our faucet to power their blockchain projects. Get started today and make sure you have the resources you need to succeed in the exciting world of blockchain technology.