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Ruby on Rails plugin for the Full Text Search engine of PostgreSQL
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Acts_as_tsearch is a plugin for Ruby on Rails which makes it simple to implement scalable, full text search for Rails if you're using PostgreSQL as your database. It wraps the built-in full text search engine of PostgreSQL with a familiar 'acts_as' implementation.

Home page:

Quick Start

* Preparing your PostgreSQL database

Add a text search configuration 'default':

  CREATE TEXT SEARCH CONFIGURATION public.default ( COPY = pg_catalog.english )

For Postgres 8.2 and older follow

* Adding the plugin:

  ruby script/plugin install git://

* Add acts_as_tsearch to a model

  class BlogEntry < ActiveRecord::Base
     acts_as_tsearch :fields => ["title","description"]

* Do a search

  blog_entries = BlogEntry.find_by_tsearch("bob")
  puts blog_entries.tsearch_rank
  puts blog_entries.size
  puts blog_entries[0].title

or using scopes:

  blog_entry = BlogEntry.scoped_by_tsearch("bob").find(:first)

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