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This is an example application of my blog post:

- Spring Data Solr Tutorial: Adding Custom Methods to All Repositories:


- Download and install Maven 3 ( If you have already installed Maven 3, you can skip this step.
- If you don't already have a local Solr installation, you have create one. You might want to read this
  blog entry:
- Go the root directory of project (The one which contains the pom.xml file)
- If you want to use the embedded Solr server, run command mvn clean jetty:run (Remember to set the value of
  solr.solr.home property found from the profiles/dev/ file).
- If you want to use the HTTP Solr server, run command mvn clean jetty:run -P prod (Remember to set the value of
  solr.server.url property found from the profiles/prod/ file).
- Start your browser and go to the location: http://localhost:8080
- Use credentials (user/password) to log in.

You can change the number of todo entries shown on a single page by modifying the js/app/app.js file (search
for TodoApp.Pagination)


- You can run unit tests by using this command: mvn test -P dev
- You can run integration tests by using a command: mvn verify -P integration-test

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