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Atea and nvALT #15

samuelcotterall opened this Issue Feb 21, 2012 · 6 comments

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I’d like to use Atea with nvALT, synced with Simplenote. I configured this accordingly:

{:file "/Users/samuelcotterall/Library/Application Support/Notational Data/todo.txt"}

Atea picks up the changes made in nvALT, but I noticed that the UI doesn’t respond to click events (start Time tracking, quit, for example). This isn’t a problem when I point Atea to a file on my desktop.

I could, I’m sure, move my nvALT notes out of /Library/, but I was wondering if this is a fixable issue.


Sounds like a bug - could you post a minimal example of a todo.txt that triggers that behavior?


Sure thing. Here’s the contents of the file

Order headphones
Return t-shirt
[Wedding] Call printer

And here’s a screenshot:

Let me know if you need any more information.


That's strange - the todo file works for me (I can start / stop time tracking etc). Also there is no problem when I place it in an arbitrary folder in Application Support. The only thing I can think of is that particular folder has some kind of special permissions so that the *csv file can't be created...


The CSV gets created without any problem (sorry, I should have mentioned that).

I will have a play around with it tomorrow and see if I can pinpoint what’s causing the problems; I guess there are a lot of variables here.


That'd be great - I just can't reproduce the problem locally. Also maybe try to quit nVALT and see if it works then?


I’m sorry; this was my fault.

At one point I accidentally renamed the file to todo.txt.txt (hidden extensions in Finder). Fixing this filename (and confirming in Terminal) meant that it updated the Atea menu item correctly, but failed when I interacted with it. This threw me off.

I just trashed the file, started again, and it worked fine. Something must have gotten mixed up along the way.

@pkamenarsky pkamenarsky pushed a commit that referenced this issue Feb 22, 2012
Philip Kamenarsky fix NPE on empty -times.csv #15 #18 d1b4059
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