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Stop tracking time on sleep #22

karanvasudeva opened this Issue · 5 comments

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karanvasudeva Philip Kamenarsky Jordan Elver Aristides Lourenco Stian Håklev

I'm not sure if this doesn't happen already: it would be nice to stop time-tracking for the duration that the computer is asleep, if it was on before going to sleep. Thanks!

Philip Kamenarsky

No, currently this doesn't happen. Shouldn't be to hard, although if Java doesn't have an API for this this will have to be done natively in ObjC.

Jordan Elver

It would also be great if any timer was stopped on exit. If I forget to stop Atea before turning off my machine the timer is still running when I turn the machine back on and I have to manually adjust the captured times :)

Aristides Lourenco

This is quite serious.. I think it should be marked as bug

Philip Kamenarsky

Marked as bug.

Stian Håklev

I wrote a very hackish Ruby time tracker (, and added this feature using a separate "on-sleep" app. It also always starts tracking my time as "surfing" when I turn on the computer, does lots of visualization etc. I'm just learning Clojure, and very excited about this project - I might experiment with extending it and adding some of the functionality I had before (lots of global keyboard shortcuts, stats visualization etc).

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