"Edit task file" menu item? #9

pkamenarsky opened this Issue Feb 21, 2012 · 5 comments

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Please don't add an extra item for this. That will ruin the simplicity of the task list.

Execute $EDITOR ~/<path to tasks.txt> whenever e.g. alt + the icon is clicked, or alt + click on a task.


Perhaps combine this with #16 by making alt-click on the items delete them, and alt-click the icon edit the list. Or maybe cmd-click does one thing, and alt-click the other.


I'd like to second the idea of the alt-click, cmd-click actions. I love the simplicity of atea and the simple time tracking feature of it. However sometimes I'm working in all GUI land and firing up a terminal to get access to my todo list is a couple of extra steps. Being able to click on the icon in some manor to open up the list in your default editor either through @Sirupsen's idea or by calling "open ~/" would be fantastic.


Just wanted to say that I think this woud be an excellent feature too.

Once I have the task.txt document open everything is great, but it is a slightly annoyance if I quickly want to add a task and don't have it open.

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