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" ui
set guioptions=""
" Disable smooth scroll
set scrollsteps=1
set scrolltime=0
" Basic keys
nmap -builtin ; :
" Bookmarks
set fbpath="~/Dropbox/Documents"
set fbwebloc
nmap -builtin <M-d> :fbmark
" Firebug
nmap <Leader>c :firebug console<CR>
" HN style
so ~/.pentadactyl/styles/ycombinator.css
" Readability
command readability -description "Bookmarklet: Make webpage readable using readability" open javascript:(%28function%28%29%7Bwindow.baseUrl%3D%27http%3A//
nmap -builtin <Leader>r :readability<CR>
" Fullscreen
nmap -builtin <Leader>f :set fullscreen!<CR>
" Display download
nmap -builtin <Leader>d :downloads<CR>
" Only show the tab bar when there are multiple tabs
set showtabline=multitab