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Tools for processing FiNER output
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Various tools for processing FiNER (Finnish Named-Entity Recognizer) output.

Converts tagged standard input back into running text. Empty lines i.e paragraph breaks are inserted after certain closing tags such as </paragraph>, </h1> etc.

Linearizes standard input and outputs HTML with matched entities highlighted and color-coded. The color codes are roughly as follows:

  • blue: locations (EnamexLoc___)
  • red: persons & beings (EnamexPrs___, excluding titles)
  • green: orgainzations (EnamexOrg___)
  • purple: products (EnamexPro___)
  • dark gray: events (EnamexEvt___)
  • light gray: numerical expressions (NumexMsr___)
  • yellow: temporal expressions (TimexTme___)

Lists all unique NE tags found in a tagged input file.

Reads standard input lists all matched entitiees in a given category in their base forms and print them in order of appearance. The input should contain lemma forms and morphological tags.

Reads standard input and creates a frequency list of all matched entities in a given category or subcategory. The names are listed in their normalized base forms along with their frequencies.

Creates frequency lists for all categories whose tags are found in the input file.

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