Type annotated graphs in python
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Type Annotated Graphs in Python

This is not a graph library! It is just the source code for a series of blog articles. It's not tested as extensively as a library should be, and it's also not optimized in any way.

If you do want to use it in your project, the most reasonable implementations are:

The blog posts are here:

They summarize my experience with type hints in a small project. I go through several iterations of graph representation and traversal, and discuss various design and type checking issues. I use python 3.6 and the latest version of mypy.

My workflow used to be:

  • push my code to this repo to run tests / type checker using Travis CI
  • push it to gist, from which it is directly embedded in the blog

It was a good way to test the code shown in the posts. Later, I needed to use this code myself, so I rearranged the folder structure as if it was a regular package. Unfortunately, it means I can't push the entire thing to gist any more.