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  • (?i)(olympics?|sochi|bode|vonn|medals?|sean white|dashcam|liggety)
  • (?i)(yellen|fomc|fed)
  • (?i)#?house( ?of)?(?= ?cards)|(?i)#?kevin(?= ?spacey)|(?i)#?Francis(?= ?Underwood)|(?i)#?Robin(?= ?Wright)|(?i)#?Claire(?= ?Underwood)|(?i)#?Kate(?= ?Mara)|(?i)#?Zoe(?= ?Barnes)

Annoying tech metaphors, similes & cliches

  • (?i)(uber|netflix|pinterest|craigslist|ebay|google) of

Shutting people up about US government shutdown

  • (?#Government Shutdown)(?i)(govern|shutdown|off|congress|senate|house|dem|rep(ub) )

Over-sharing travelers

  • (?i)wheels (up|down)


  • (?i)(\s|#)(ces)
  • (?i)(\s|#)(sxsw)
  • (?i)(\s|#)(crunchies)
  • (?i)(#?\bted(\d{4})?\b|vancouver)
  • (?i)#?oscars?|award|nomination|speech|best picture|actor|actress

People re-tweeting things you ignored last time

  • (?i)((|if)|ICYMI)

Plaintive requests for follows

  • (?i)please.(\bwatch\b|\bfollow\b)|(\bwatch\b|\bfollow\b).(me|please|back)

Tweets mentioning four or more other people

  • @[^@]+@[^@]+@[^@]+@

Giant hashtags

  • #[^ ]{15}

Four or more hashtags in single tweet

  • #[^#]+#[^#]+#

Tweets to you containing only a link

  • ^@pkedrosky *https?://[^ ]+$

Tweets containing over-repeated characters

  • ([a-z])/1{4}

Retweet cascades

  • RT[^RT]+RT

Public conversations that have nothing to do with you

  • ^.@\w+\s+[A-Z]

Annoying people

  • @?[Mm]iley\s?[Cc]yrus

Tech geekery

  • [Ss]ocial\s?[Gg]raph
  • [Gg]raph\s?[Ss]earch
  • [Bb]ig\s?[Dd]ata

Not so humble brags

  • (?i)(swag|yolo)

Sports silliness

  • (?i)(super ?bowls?|49ers|ravens|foot ?ball|half ?times?|kick ?off|touch ?downs?|field ?goals?|NFL|(first|second|third|fourth) quarters?|over ?times?|final scores)

April Fool's

  • (?i)april fool'?s?
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