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  • [#678] [@jcrugzz] support more aws auth scenarios via credentials object or sessionToken.


  • [#666], [@guischdi] Fix GCS upload.


  • Add content encoding option for s3 upload


  • [BREAKING] Drop all legacy providers.
  • Update dependencies.
  • Documentation fixes.
    • Fix broken links to
    • Replace Openstack with OpenStack
    • Fix page title markdown formatting
  • this.protocol from client instance is used as the URL protocol as it should be. Fixes [#526].


  • Amazon use native aws-sdk for s3 uploads instead of s3-upload-stream module
  • Update the aws-sdk to 2.382.0
  • Amazon storage client.upload - expose concurrency - queueSize and partSize configurability and add ability to abort an upload


  • Equivalent to v1.5.0.


  • Added 1&1 support with tests.
  • Set Content-Type with Google storage. Fixes [#635].
  • Attempt to restrict to node@6 and node@8.
  • [fix] Patched RegEx DoS vuln & Remote Memory Exposure vuln. This addresses two major security issues:
  • Fix typo in OpenStack createSecurityGroupRule. Fixes [#556].
  • Fix typo in createSecurityGroup. Fixes [#454].
  • Fix breaking test due to expired auth token.


  • Pass in other aws options that allow an s3 like API to be configured correctly
  • Fixing broken merge from replacing underscore with lodash


  • OpenStack identity v3 (keystone) support, Issue #367, #477, PR #461
  • OpenStack cancel client download, Issue #379, PR #416
  • OpenStack improved directory support for getFiles, PR #390
  • Add support for prepending a custom user agent, Issue #394, PR #395
  • OpenStack fixed storage copy function, Issue #396 , PR #350
  • OpenStack allow non-strict SSL, PR #397
  • Adding a refresh method on the stack model, Issue #398, PR #402
  • Google storage return metadata in success handler, Issue #400, PR #401
  • OpenStack added template outputs field to stack, PR #403
  • Amazon fixes to AWS config, Issue #406, PR #407, #409
  • Added support for nestedDepth option to stack getResources method, Issue #410, PR #411
  • Added support for networking security groups, security group rules, PR #412
  • Allow passing options to rebuildServer, Issue #414, PR #415
  • Allow deleteStack to accept stack object or stack name, Issue #418, PR #420
  • Amazon createServer: use pluralized keys for SecurityGroups/SecurityGroupIds, Issue #432, PR #433
  • RackSpace, OpenStack add enableRootUser and listRootStatus, PR #438
  • Amazon storage added cache control support to s3 buckets, PR #447
  • OpenStack compute added deleteRule, PR #456
  • DigitalOcean ported provider to APIv2, PR #470
  • OpenStack handle request errors in client.upload flow, Issue #481, PR #484
  • OpenStack added adminPass attribute to createServer, PR #486
  • Amazon added AWS specific options for cache control and file encryption, PR #496
  • Misc doc fixes, PR #417, #426, #429, #442, #444, #449, #498


  • Added Support for Openstack CDN (Poppy)


  • Added support for Google Cloud Storage
  • Added support for Rackspace Cloud Networks


  • Adding support for Openstack Trove, and adding HP, rackspace providers


  • Adding support for OpenStack Cinder


  • Adding a rackspace orchestration provider


  • Requires node 0.10, dropping support for node v0.8
  • Fundamentally changed the streaming file api for upload. No longer takes a callback. See #332
  • Significant cleanup across storage apis across providers
  • Added toJSON on all models
  • Changed underlying Amazon provider to use aws-sdk
  • Added Openstack Heat provider
  • updated all package dependencies, including removing utile
  • static website support for Rackspace Cloud Files
  • Added compute.keys support for HP Compute provider


  • Fixed a long-standing bug in openstack.compute.getFlavor #292


  • Openstack Network service.
  • Added support for HP Cloud provider.
  • Added support for Rackspace Storage Temporary URLs


  • Added support for os-security-groups compute extension


  • fixed a bug where CDN containers were broken with Rackspace CloudFiles #257


  • Removing an unnecessary continuity check in openstack identity client
  • Switching Debug events to trace events
  • Be more explicit with content types for openstack authentication
  • Allow passing tenant to the context authenticator
  • Fixing the networks property to be on server options for openstack compute


  • OpenStack Documentation
  • Openstack Storage Provider
  • fixed a bug with piping downloads from storage services #195
  • internal refactor for leaky abstractions
  • OpenStack identity client as a proper client


  • Make default for destroyServer (DigitalOcean) to scrub data #215


  • Add beta support for Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers


  • Various fixes in openstack/rackspace compute provider
  • Added doc updates for rackspace storage provider
  • fixed a bug in rackspace dns provider


  • Added support to specify network in openstack.createServer
  • More robust error handling for API inconsistencies in Rackspace/Openstack


  • Added support for Rackspace Cloud BlockStorage


  • Changed the callback signature for openstack.identity.getTenantInfo to include body


  • Added more robust error handling for openstack.identity admin methods


  • Fixing a bug in rackspace.dns where status call can be an empty response


  • Fixing a bug when rackspace.dns.createRecord returns an array


  • Adding support for uploading a tar.gz to Cloud files and extract on upload
  • Minor tenant changes for openstack identity providers


  • Adding Rackspace CloudDNS as a DNS service


  • Fixing a bug introduced by pre-release services listed in the Openstack Service Catalog


  • Rackspace provider can now validate token with admin account
  • Using through in lieu of pause-stream


  • Dependency bump for request (2.22.0)
  • Support internal Openstack service URLs


  • Added support for File/Container metadata for Rackspace Storage
  • Adding support for Rackspace CDN enabled Containers


  • Added support for limit/marker options for Rackspace getContainers, getFiles
  • removed unused Rackspace.File.rm/ls/cp methods
  • Fixed a bug in File.fullPath
  • Fixed a bug in Azure header signing


  • Rewrote Rackspace Client to derive from Openstack Client
  • Updated Rackspace & Openstack createClient calls to take a proper URI for authUrl
  • Added support to specify region in Rackspace & Openstack createClient options
  • Added the ability to automatically re-authenticate on token expiry


  • Fixed inline authentication for streaming to rackspace/openstack storage #109
  • Fixed S3 multi-part upload signing #137
  • Optimized S3 upload #124
  • Fixed Rackspace authentication to return error on unauthorized #140


  • Added a pkgcloud User-Agent for outbound HTTP requests #134
  • Added tests for core compute method signatures
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