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Using the Rackspace Database provider

Creating a client is straight-forward:

  var rackspace = pkgcloud.database.createClient({
    provider: 'rackspace', // required
    username: 'your-user-name', // required
    apiKey: 'your-api-key', // required
    region: 'IAD', // required, regions can be found at
    useInternal: false // optional, use to talk to serviceNet from a Rackspace machine

More options for creating clients

Creating a MySQL Database

The steps for provision a MySQL database from rackspace cloud databases are:

  1. Choose a flavor (memory RAM size)
  2. Create an instance of a database server.
  3. When the instance is provisioned, create your database.

Also you can manage users across your instances and each instance can handle several databases.

  client.getFlavors(function (err, flavors) {
    // Look at the availables flavors for your instance

    // Lets choose the ID 1 for 512MB flavor
    client.getFlavor(1, function (err, flavor) {
      // Create the instance for host the databases.
        name: 'test-instance',
        flavor: flavor,
        // Optional, you can choose the disk size for the instance
        // (1 - 8) in GB. Default to 1
        size: 3
        // Optional, you can give an array of database names for initialize
        // when the instace is ready
        databases: ['first-database', 'second-database']
      }, function (err, instance) {
        // At this point when the instance is ready we can manage the databases
          name: 'test-database',
          instance: instance
        }, function (err, database) {
          // Log the result

API Methods

client.createUser(options, callback)

Allows the creation of specific users to have access to any database you create.

Accepts one user object as the options argument or an array of user objects.

A user object is defined as follows:

  username: 'nodejitsu',              // required
  password: 'foobar',                 // required
  databases: ['first-db, second-db'], // required (Can be either string or array)
  instance: instance                  // required (instance or instanceId)

note: If creating multiple users, the instance provided must be the same for both.

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