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Using the Rackspace Compute provider

As of the v0.8 release of pkgcloud, the Compute provider uses Next Generation Cloud Servers, meaning you'll need to use a version <=0.7.x to use First Generation Cloud Servers.

Creating a client is straight-forward:

  var rackspace = pkgcloud.compute.createClient({
    provider: 'rackspace',
    username: 'your-user-name',
    apiKey: 'your-api-key'

More options for creating clients

API Methods



Lists all servers that are available to use on your Rackspace account

Callback returns f(err, servers) where servers is an Array

client.createServer(options, callback)

Creates a server with the options specified

Options are as follows:

  name: 'serverName', // required
  flavor: 'flavor1',  // required
  image: 'image1',    // required
  personality: []     // optional

Returns the server in the callback f(err, server)

client.destroyServer(server, callback)

Destroys the specified server

Takes server or serverId as an argument and returns the id of the destroyed server in the callback f(err, serverId)

client.getServer(server, callback)

Gets specified server

Takes server or serverId as an argument and returns the server in the callback f(err, server)

client.rebootServer(server, options, callback)

Reboots the specifed server with options

Options include:

  type: 'HARD' // optional (defaults to 'SOFT')

Returns callback with a confirmation


Get the current version of the api returned in a callback f(err, version)


Get the current API limits returned in a callback f(err, limits)



Returns a list of all possible server flavors available in the callback f(err, flavors)

client.getFlavor(flavor, callback)

Returns the specified rackspace flavor of Rackspace Images by ID or flavor object in the callback f(err, flavor)



Returns a list of the images available for your account

f(err, images)

client.getImage(image, callback)

Returns the image specified

f(err, image)

client.createImage(options, callback)

Creates an Image based on a server

Options include:

  name: 'imageName',  // required
  server: 'serverId'  // required

Returns the newly created image

f(err, image)

client.destroyImage(image, callback)

Destroys the specified image and returns a confirmation

f(err, {ok: imageId})

Volume Attachments

Attaching a volume to a compute instance requires using a rackspace compute client, as well as possessing a volume or volumeId. Detaching volumes behaves the same way.

client.getVolumeAttachments(server, callback)

Gets an array of volumeAttachments for the provided server.

f(err, volumeAttachments)

client.getVolumeAttachmentDetails(server, attachment, callback)

Gets the details for a provided server and attachment. attachment may either be the attachmentId or an object with attachmentId as a property.

f(err, volumeAttachment)

client.attachVolume(server, volume, callback)

Attaches the provided volume to the server. volume may either be the volumeId or an instance of Volume.

f(err, volumeAttachment)

client.detachVolume(server, attachment, callback)

Detaches the provided attachment from the server. attachment may either be the attachmentId or an object with attachmentId as a property. If the volume is mounted this call will return an err.


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