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Adding docs for volume attachments

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1 parent 4fb80f5 commit d9f89bf2b4d14dd38b77978bca9d096406afd5ae @kenperkins kenperkins committed
30 docs/providers/rackspace/
@@ -111,4 +111,32 @@ Returns the newly created image
#### client.destroyImage(image, callback)
Destroys the specified image and returns a confirmation
-`f(err, {ok: imageId})`
+`f(err, {ok: imageId})`
+## Volume Attachments
+Attaching a volume to a compute instance requires using a rackspace compute client, as well as possessing a `volume` or `volumeId`. Detaching volumes behaves the same way.
+#### client.getVolumeAttachments(server, callback)
+Gets an array of volumeAttachments for the provided server.
+`f(err, volumeAttachments)`
+#### client.getVolumeAttachmentDetails(server, attachment, callback)
+Gets the details for a provided server and attachment. `attachment` may either be the `attachmentId` or an object with `attachmentId` as a property.
+`f(err, volumeAttachment)`
+#### client.attachVolume(server, volume, callback)
+Attaches the provided `volume` to the `server`. `volume` may either be the `volumeId` or an instance of `Volume`.
+`f(err, volumeAttachment)`
+#### client.detachVolume(server, attachment, callback)
+Detaches the provided `attachment` from the server. `attachment` may either be the `attachmentId` or an object with `attachmentId` as a property. If the `volume` is mounted this call will return an err.
4 lib/pkgcloud/openstack/compute/client/extensions/volume-attachments.js
@@ -75,9 +75,7 @@ exports.detachVolume = function(server, attachment, callback) {
path: urlJoin(_urlPrefix, serverId, _extension, attachmentId),
method: 'DELETE'
}, function (err) {
- return err
- ? callback(err)
- : callback(null, true);
+ return callback(err);

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