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Fix Rackspace getFiles Parameters #120

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Rackspace returns different details with underscore, not with minus
content_type content-type

Example at issue #105

I dont now if this was a change in rackspace api (use it since a short time), so i leave content-type and the other changed fields as fallback in code.


@kenperkins is this a v1 vs v2 change?


I use rackspace since v2, i dont know how it look in v1. Thats why i leave the fallback parameters with - if there is not underscore value.


The v1 docs claim Content-Type ( but I'm reading from a v1 container and also had content_type returned.

I think this is safe to merge as is.


@rottmann I'm struggling to find a repo for this test.

Every time I request the properties for a file, I get headers with:

content-type: 'as/appropriate'

Can you help me understand your problem or help with a repro case?


I don't get "content-type" connecting to any CloudFiles container

cfg = require './config'
pkgcloud = require 'pkgcloud'

client = {
  provider: 'rackspace'
  username: cfg.rackspace.username
  apiKey: cfg.rackspace.key
client.getContainer 'media', (err, container) ->
  throw err if err
  client.getFiles container, (err, files) ->
    console.log files

connecting to first-gen cloudfiles container

{ hash: 'c7caa4ac037d4a7168503f6b2a5bdfc6',
  last_modified: '2013-01-13T16:59:47.581130',
  bytes: 51326,
  name: '2011/01/image.jpg',
  content_type: 'image/jpeg',
   { ...} 

connecting to open-cloud cloudfiles container

  { _events: {},
    newListener: false,
    _conf: { delimiter: '::', wildcard: true },
    delimiter: '::',
    wildcard: true,
    listenerTree: {},
    client:  { … },
    metadata: {},
    container: { … },
    name: '2013/05/image.jpg',
    etag: null,
    contentType: 'image/jpeg',
    lastModified: Fri May 10 2013 17:20:28 GMT-0400 (EDT),
    bytes: 371658,
    size: 371658 

OMG Rackspace change the name style again :( now they use CamelCase.
Now contentType, lastModified is returned.
I update my fork, i hope the rewrite of modul in main repo will finish soon.

@kenperkins kenperkins closed this

I've address this as I was already in the code; I see what you're saying btw, the API returns different values for getFile and getFiles, not pkgcloud proper.

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Commits on May 3, 2013
  1. @rottmann
Commits on May 29, 2013
  1. @rottmann
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Showing with 6 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +6 −6 lib/pkgcloud/rackspace/storage/file.js
12 lib/pkgcloud/rackspace/storage/file.js
@@ -61,16 +61,16 @@ File.prototype._setProperties = function (details) {
this.metadata = {};
this.container = details.container || null; = || null;
- this.etag = details.etag || null;
- this.contentType = details['content-type'] || null;
+ this.etag = details.hash || details.etag || null;
+ this.contentType = details['contentType'] || details['content_type'] || details['content-type'] || null;
- this.lastModified = details['last-modified']
- ? new Date(details['last-modified'])
+ this.lastModified = (details['lastModified'] || details['last_modified'] || details['last-modified'])
+ ? new Date(details['lastModified'] || details['last_modified'] || details['last-modified'])
: null;
- this.size = this.bytes = details['content-length']
- ? parseInt(details['content-length'], 10)
+ this.size = this.bytes = details['bytes'] || details['content-length']
+ ? parseInt(details['bytes'] || details['content-length'], 10)
: null;
Object.keys(details).forEach(function (header) {
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