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Using the Openstack provider in pkgcloud

The OpenStack provider in pkgcloud supports the following services:

Getting Started with Compute

We've provided a simple compute example where it creates a couple of compute instances.


For all of the Openstack services, you create a client with the same options:

  var openstack ={
    provider: 'openstack', // required
    username: 'your-user-name', // required
    password: 'your-password', // required
    authUrl: 'your identity service url' // required

Note: Due to variances between OpenStack deployments, you may or may not need a region option.

Authentication Endpoints and Regions

All of the Openstack createClient calls have a few options that can be provided:


region specifies which region of a service to use.

Specifying a custom region
var client = require('pkgcloud').compute.createClient({
    provider: 'openstack',
    username: 'your-user-name',
    password: 'your-api-key',
    authUrl: 'https://your-identity-service'
    region: 'Calxeda-AUS1'

Tokens and Expiration

When you make your first call to a Openstack provider, your client is authenticated transparent to your API call. Openstack will issue you a token, with an expiration. When that token expires, the client will automatically re-authenticate and retrieve a new token. The caller shouldn't have to worry about this happening.