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pkgcore-based QA utility
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radhermit MissingUseDepDefault: ignore 'foo=' style use deps
Deps entirely missing the related USE flag should return
NonsolvableDeps* results and those with partial sets of matching deps
should be handled by the PM intrinsically due to how the 'foo=' use dep

Fixes #172.
Latest commit 22d871f Nov 11, 2019


pypi test coverage



pkgcheck is developed alongside pkgcore. To run the development version of pkgcheck you will need the development version of pkgcore.

The metadata.xml checks require lxml to be installed.


No installation is strictly required, just run the pkgcheck script and things should work. For a more permanent install see the following options:

Installing latest pypi release in a virtualenv:

pip install pkgcheck

Installing from git in a virtualenv:

git clone
./pkgcheck/requirements/ ./pkgcheck

Installing from a tarball or git repo:

python install


A standalone test runner is integrated in; to run, just execute:

python test

In addition, a tox config is provided so the testsuite can be run in a virtualenv setup against all supported python versions. To run tests for all environments just execute tox in the root directory of a repo or unpacked tarball. Otherwise, for a specific python version execute something similar to the following:

tox -e py36
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