a framework for package management
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pkgcore is a framework for package management; via the appropriate class plugins, the design should allow for any underlying repository/config/format to be used; slackware's tgzs being exempted due to lack of any real metadata, and autopackage format being exempted due to the fact they effectively embed the manager in each package (pkgcore does require being able to treat the pkg as data, instead of autopackage's method of handing resolution/all manager ops off to the package script).


pclean: clean distfiles, binpkgs, and builds dirs

pclonecache: clone a repository cache

pconfig: query configuration info

pebuild: low-level ebuild operations, go through phases manually

pinspect: inspect repository related info

pmaint: repository maintenance (syncing, copying...)

pmerge: dependency resolution, fetching, (un)merging, etc.

pquery: query repository info, revdeps, pkg search, vdb search, etc.


At least python version 3.6, and snakeoil — a utility library with misc optimizations split out of pkgcore for others to use.


Installing latest pypi release in a virtualenv:

pip install pkgcore

Installing from git in a virtualenv:

git clone https://github.com/pkgcore/pkgcore.git
./pkgcore/requirements/pip.sh ./pkgcore

Installing from a tarball or git repo:

python setup.py install


Official documentation is provided on readthedocs with alternative formats available for download.


A standalone test runner is integrated in setup.py; to run, just execute:

python setup.py test

In addition, a tox config is provided so the testsuite can be run in a virtualenv setup against all supported python versions. To run tests for all environments just execute tox in the root directory of a repo or unpacked tarball. Otherwise, for a specific python version execute something similar to the following:

tox -e py36


For support and development inquiries join #pkgcore on Freenode.

For bugs and feature requests please create an issue on Github.