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a python library that implements optimized versions of common python functionality
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compatibility: subclass ConfigParser instead of monkeypatching

Fixes the issue of breaking 3rd party imports.

Fixes #12.
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snakeoil is a python library that implements optimized versions of common python functionality. Some classes and functions have cpython equivalents, but they all have native python implementations too.


For support and development inquiries a mailing list is available or you can join #pkgcore on Freenode.

For bugs and feature requests please create an issue in the issue tracker.


A standalone test runner is integrated in; to run, just execute:

python test

In addition, a tox config is provided so the testsuite can be run in a virtualenv setup against all supported python versions. To run tests for all environments just execute tox in the root directory of a repo or unpacked tarball. Otherwise, for a specific python version execute something similar to the following:

tox -e py27

Note that mock is required for tests if you're using anything less than python 3.3.


To build:

tar jxf snakeoil-0.xx.tar.bz2
cd snakeoil-0.xx
python build

To install:

cd snakeoil-0.xx
python install
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