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A mirror of the CVS repository for the CARMA version of the MIRIAD radio astronomy package


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borrow few update notes for U14
cat new
data updated to the more modern times
demo # vla_mfs_demo.csh and vla_beams.results
examples improved, based on student feedback
install removed atuvplt
manuals manuals/carma-cook/ distribute new file
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src clarifications
.cvsignore .cvsignore: ignore .gitignore
AUTHORS reformat
MIR4 start listing the major changes to 4.2 autotools: start building RPFITS library
NEWS new file
README.bima a few conflicts in merged files (potfft.for, imgen.for, hio.c) but else
README.carma date.
TODO pgplot comment gif driver
VERSION version change because of a new parameter MAXPNT in maxdim(c)
VERSIONS school13 autotools: move auxiliary files to src/sys/auto small syntax fix protect if $HOME does not exist (browser cgi-bin scripts e.g.) update for MAXPNT
cvs.tags prepare for new VERSION again
install.MIR install.MIR: add some instructional notes on -static-libgfortran
mircommon.mak mircommon.mak: pass the -a argument to intf2c
mirdoc.mak autotools: fix up global doc program rules for parallel builds
mirdoc_noprog.mak autotools: fix up global doc program rules for parallel builds


Miriad is a radio-astronomy data reduction package, developed by Bob
Sault for BIMA, starting in 1987. Although it was originally developed
to meet the needs of  the BIMA consortium; an ATNF version - derived
from the same code base - is also available independantly. Apart from
BIMA and ATNF, MIRIAD is also known to handle e.g. VLA and WSRT data.

This BIMA release of MIRIAD is under CVS control, and daily snapshots
are available.  If you see a file 'VERSION.cvs' in the root directory,
this is not an officially blessed MIRIAD release, but the "CVS"
snapshot. The VERSION file contains the official release number (3.0.0
or higher in CVS)

Major new features in MIRIAD since the CVS based releases:
	- simplified automatic install on linux and solaris  (V3.0.x)
	- better scalability for larger arrays 		     (V3.1.x)
	- maximum filesize is now > 2GB			     (V4.0.0)
	  (scratch files still limited to 8GB)		     (t.b.a)

To install the BIMA version of MIRIAD, there are a few options:
	- binary releases (astromake/linux versions now available)
	- follow 'install.MIR' (the classical method - not recommended)
	- use the scripts in the $MIR/install directory 
		(this is how our binary releases are built)
 	- follow
		(the recommended way if you want to keep up with changes)

					Peter Teuben
					February 2003
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